Inert Zebron PLUS GC Inlet Liners Ensure Simple, Safe Analysis

Torrance, Calif. (September 6, 2016) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research, design and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces a new family of GC inlet liners, incorporating an innovative approach to packaging and installation and a unique deactivation process that minimizes sample adsorption and degradation. The new Zebron PLUS GC Inlet Liners are designed with a pre-installed Viton* o-ring to eliminate installation steps. The easy-to-open packaging also prevents pitfalls that commonly occur during liner installation, including breakage, cuts and potential contamination.

"Installation and inlet problems represent a majority of GC troubleshooting issues users face,” explained Kristen Parnell, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Liner-related issues in particular can dramatically impact the analysis. We designed the new Zebron PLUS GC liner family to mitigate typical issues in this area, specifically with regard to ease of use, safety and inertness."

Zebron PLUS GC liners are specially deactivated during manufacturing and tested for activity against established EPA 8081 and 8270, which are representative methods for typical compounds of concern. A range of liner geometries, including styles with pre-packed quartz wool, is offered individually or in packs of 5 or 25.

"Our new Zebron PLUS GC Inlet Liners are remarkably inert, preventing interactions with even the most active compounds,” explained Kristen Parnell, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Our proprietary deactivation process during manufacturing ensures the highest level of sample protection."

Along with the new Zebron PLUS GC liner family, a new online selection tool, GC Liner Finder, makes it easy for users to choose the right liner for their method. Users can search by vendor part number, liner geometry, sample type or application. Phenomenex also offers a number of tips relating to liner selection, installation and care for improving GC analyses.

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