New Phenomenex Gas Chromatography Management Filters and Inline Gas Trap

Torrance, Calif. (July, 31 2019) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces the New Zebron™ Gas Management Filters and Click-on Inline Gas Trap, which removes contaminants from carrier gas to reduce gas chromatography system downtime and column damage and deliver pure gas for maximum analytical sensitivity.

These new cartridge-style filters are easy to install and use. A convenient color-coded indicator on the filter alerts the end user when it’s time to replace. In addition, the new click-on inline traps are easy to install and use and can further extend the lifetime of the gas filters for an added level of protection. For further ease of use, the integrated Electronic Indicator has an audio and visual warning system that alerts the customer when it is time to replace.

Zebron Gas Management filters are offered in four types – oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbon, and universal. The oxygen filter removes chlorine and sulfur in addition to oxygen, preventing oxidation of key system components. The hydrocarbon filter removes organic compounds, for improved detection, performance, and quantitation. The moisture filter removes water, for improved detector stability and ionization of analytes. The universal filter combines the capabilities of the three specific choices, delivering worry-free filtration of a variety of contaminants. The line also features a new addition for LC-MS, a dual protection for moisture and hydrocarbon.

Alternatively, Zebron Gas Management Inline Traps have a higher capacity than the filters and can serve multiple GC instruments at once. Zebron Gas Management Inline Traps are offered in five types – oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbon, universal and carbon dioxide. The new click-on design will allow easy replacement with less downtime.

"While gas filters are an essential part of the GC lab, cartridge-style filters are not yet universally used, and many researchers do not fully understand the benefits or how easy they are to use," said Rola Elabaji, GC product marketing manager for Phenomenex. "Zebron Gas Management filters are designed to make GC easy and worry free with a simple 20-second installation process. In addition to easy installation and replacement we offer helpful online selection tools and a chat service to answer any questions that may arise."

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