New UHPLC Fittings Provide Smooth Zero Dead-Volume Connection without Tools

Phenomenex, Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces SecurityLINK™ – a fingertight fitting connection system for HPLC/UHPLC columns and instruments that offers notable gains in ease of use, consistency, and system/column compatibility.

SecurityLink Product Shot

Introducing SecurityLINK™ UHPLC fitting system that simplifies your system and column connections and provides consistent performance with torque limiting technology that prevents column damaging from over tightening. SecurityLink doesn't require any tools to achieve quick and easy installation and the fitting self-adjusts at column inlet to ensure zero dead-volume for better chromatographic results.

SecurityLINK fingertight fittings were designed and engineered to simplify LC system and column connections, while providing consistent performance. SecurityLINK fittings have a built-in torque limiting feature that emits an audible "click" feedback indicating the connection is secure. Additionally, each SecurityLINK fitting self-adjusts at the column inlet to ensure zero dead-volume for better chromatographic results. The fittings are UHPLC and HPLC compatible with a pressure rating up to 19,000 psi (1,310 bar).

"SecurityLINK now makes column connections particularly easy," explains Genevieve Hodson, Phenomenex Technical Manager. "These connections take the guesswork out of the column connection equation. Once you hear the audible click you know you have a secure connection."

The SecurityLINK product line is offered in a variety of lengths and IDs to accommodate commonly used HPLC/UHPLC columns dimensions such as analytical, semi-preparative, nano, capillary, and micro-flow. Additionally, the SecurityLINK range is compatible with all LC system types with 1/16 in. ports independent of manufacturer and comes in stainless steel and PEEKsil™ tubing types to accommodate general and bioinert sample needs.

SecurityLINK is the latest addition to the Phenomenex Security product portfolio which includes SecurityCAP™, a Mobile Phase and Solvent Waste Safety System for HPLC/ UHPLC instruments, and SecurityGUARD™ Liquid Chromatography Column Protection Systems.

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