Phenomenex, Inc. Improves Immunocapture Workflow by Offering New Magnetic Beads

Phenomenex, Inc. Improves Immunocapture Workflow by Offering New Magnetic Beads

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research, design and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces bioZen MagBeads to their existing selection of bioZen biological workflow products. BioZen MagBeads are streptavidin coated paramagnetic beads ideal for capturing and isolating proteins and peptides more effectively and faster prior to analysis with bioZen Peptide LC Columns.

While traditional techniques tend to incorporate non-specific binding with inconsistent results, bioZen MagBeads work to mitigate issues by offering a unique binding process. The uniform 1.0 µm magnetic beads use an advanced streptavidin coating process coupled with biotinylated BSA. It is also blocked with hydrophilic copolymeric to reduce non-specific binding and to keep beads monodispersed in solution functioning to provide an efficient immunocapture with better sensitivity than the typical monolayer streptavidin paramagnetic beads.

"We are excited about including bioZen MagBeads into our biologic sample preparation platform to expand our comprehensive bioseparation product offerings. We are always looking for ways that our sample preparation products can save time, improve workflows, and provide high and accurate response. By utilizing streptavidin coated bioZen MagBeads, we are able to overcome typical immunocapture challenges” says Jenny Cybulski, Sample Preparation Product Marketing Manager for Phenomenex.

In addition to bioZen MagBeads, the bioZen product line features eight chemistries for the UHPLC and HPLC characterization of biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and biosimilars and N-Glycan Clean-Up Microelution 96-Well Plate. As an added benefit, all bioZen LC columns are available in biocompatible titanium hardware, which minimizes secondary reactions, carryover, and other recovery issues to provide better overall reproducibility than stainless steel hardware. It also minimizes the amount of time typically spent on column priming and does not interfere with protein or peptide integrity. With a comprehensive biological chromatography offering, Phenomenex is able to offer complete solutions for bioseparations laboratories.

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