Phenomenex Expands Supported Liquid Extraction Choices for Cleanup of Diverse Samples

Torrance, Calif. (February 6, 2018) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, announces the addition of a new supported liquid extraction sorbent, using diatomaceous earth, to its offerings for clean sample extraction. Strata® DE utilizes a solid support that mimics the widely used liquid-liquid extraction technique, featuring a simple two-step method that removes interferences without emulsions. This new sorbent delivers superior sample recovery in industries such as clinical, forensic toxicology and food. Strata DE is particularly well suited for large sample volume applications that use large tube formats, such as olive oil testing in food applications. Strata DE in 96-well plates also delivers high recoveries and low variability with a range of sample matrices including plasma and urine.

Strata DE joins Phenomenex's Novum™ synthetic simplified liquid extraction sorbent; both are alternatives to LLE, producing higher recoveries and more consistent results for a diverse range of applications.

"Phenomenex maintains an ongoing commitment to sample preparation, which helps labs improve results and protect columns and instruments,"" said Jenny Cybulski, product marketing manager for Phenomenex. "Through our R&D programs, we have been able to introduce a steady stream of sample preparation products to the market, and we are the only company that offers a synthetic SLE option (Novum), and now a complementary diatomaceous earth SLE sorbent, Strata DE."

Strata DE is a guaranteed alternative that will perform as well or better than traditional diatomaceous earth SLE products.

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