Phenomenex Inc. Introduces Strata® PFAS SPE Cartridge - A Faster Solution for PFAS Extraction from Water

Phenomenex Inc. Introduces Strata® PFAS SPE Cartridge - A Faster Solution for PFAS Extraction from Water

Torrance, Calif. (May 11th, 2020) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces Strata® PFAS, a new novel type of solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge for extracting per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) from water. Due to the bioaccumulation and recent uptake in official methods, PFAS contamination has become a popular area of research. Traditionally, or in the case of the DOD QSM 5.1/5.3 PFAS method, a polymeric weak anion exchange (WAX) SPE sorbent is used to target PFAS and clean-up the sample matrix, but is then followed by a graphitized carbon black (GCB) SPE cartridge that further filters the samples prior to injection into a LC column for analysis. Due to the recent increase of DOD environmental laboratories performing this clean-up and test method, there is a much greater need for faster, more reliable, and more automatable protocols.

Strata PFAS is a single SPE cartridge that combines GCB on the bottom and a polymeric WAX sorbent to accomplish faster and more effective PFAS extractions. With the combination of both medias in one cartridge and straightforward methodology, Strata PFAS provides an increase in time efficiency and reduces the need to juggle multiple tubes and methods for a single sample. A common concern with performing SPE is time and complexity, however Strata PFAS solves both of these assumed issues, leading to reproducible and high recovery results in conjunction with analysis by a Gemini® C18 LC Column.

“The current sample preparation method for PFAS clean-up is quickly evolving and becoming a baseline for environmental DOD labs to lead PFAS testing around the world,” says Matt Brusius, Senior Global Product Manager of Sample Preparation. “With Strata PFAST, we are now able to provide a better and faster solution to help our scientists get even more reliable results. We have curated a solution for our environmental customers that will lead them to high recoveries and faster SPE with a unique stacked sorbent tube product.”

In addition to Strata PFAS, Phenomenex offers high quality LC columns and accessories for the PFAS analysis, creating a full solution for environmental laboratories looking to improve their extraction and analyses. Strata PFAST joins the Strata and Strata-X line of solid phase extraction products from Phenomenex that has offered over 20 years of reliable extractions and exceptional quality. To learn more, go to

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