bioZen Nano LC Columns

The bioZen Nano Columns utilize core-shell particles with a highly consistent morphology that minimizes band broadening associated with diffusion and mass transfer, leading to higher efficiency and minimal peak widths, which enhances the separation for omics analysis. The newest addition to the bioZen portfolio utilizes either high efficiency core-shell or thermally modified fully porous particles to obtain better peak width and peak shapes, for overall higher sensitivity and improved omics analysis.

bioZen Nano’s fully integrated SecurityLINK™ fingertight fitting system simplifies your system connections while providing consistent performance through Torque Limiting Technology that prevents overtightening or undertightening making every connection leak-free.

Fingers Only Installation, Leak-Free Connections in 2 Easy Steps

3 Nano Chemistries and Growing!

bioZen Nano PS-C18

bioZen Nano PS-C18

Excellent retention by combined positively charged surface ligand and C18 ligand.

Popular PS-C18 Part Numbers

Part Number Particle Size (µm) Length (mm)
00F-4771-AW-21 3 µm 150 x 0.075
00G-4771-AW-21 3 µm 250 x 0.075

Overall retention of both acidic and basic peptides through C18 stationary phase with di-isobutyl side chains.

Popular XB-C18 Part Numbers

Part Number Particle Size (µm) Length (mm)
00F-4768-AW-21 2.6 µm 150 x 0.075
00G-4768-AW-21 2.6 µm 250 x 0.075
bioZen Nano XB-C18

bioZen Nano XB-C18

bioZen Nano Polar C18

bioZen Nano Polar C18

Enhanced selectivity/retention for polar analytes without diminishing useful nonpolar retention

Popular Polar C18 Part Numbers

Part Number Particle Size (µm) Length (mm)
00F-4782-AW-21 3 µm 150 x 0.075
00G-4782-AW-21 3 µm 250 x 0.075

Check out Our High pH Fractionation Column

Part Number Phase Length (mm)
00F-4793-AN bioZen 3 µm High pH Fractionation 150 x 2.1
bioZen High pH Fractionation Column

High pH Fractionation Column

bioZen Nano Traps

Nano Traps

Check out Our Nano Traps

Part Number Phase Length (mm)
05N-4252-AW Nano Trap RP-1 (General RP) 10 x 0.075
05N-4754-AW Nano Trap RP-2 (Aqueous Stable RP) 10 x 0.075

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System Compatibility

Competitor System

bioZen Nano Columns with integrated SecurityLINK Fittings were designed to be compatible with the majority of systems that are available on the market today (Thermo EASY-nLC, Thermo UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano, Waters UPLC nanoACQUITY, Waters UPLC M-Class, Thermo Orbitrap). Compatible with any System with 1/16 inch Ports.

Recommended alternative to Thermo PepMap Viper, Waters BEH