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  • Luna Omega 3µm Polar C18

    100 % aqueous stability and with enhanced retention for polar analytes while maintaining useful non-polar retention

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    Spotlight:Sulfa-Drug (App ID 24129)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Sulfanilimide
    2. Sulfathiazole
    3. Sulfamethoxazole
    1. Sulfamerizine
    2. Sulfaquinoxaline
    3. Sulfaguanidine

  • Luna Omega 3µm PS C18

    Unique mixed-mode selectivity that offers enhanced retention for polar acids, better peak shape for bases, and 100% aqueous stability

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    Spotlight:BSA Digest (App ID 24151)

    Featured Analytes

    1. BSA Digest

  • Kinetex 2.6µm Polar C18

    A C18 phase that offers ultra-powerful polar and non-polar retention for HPLC and UHPLC analysis

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    Spotlight:Unconjugated Bile Acids(App ID 24195)

    Featured Analytes

    1. UDCA
    2. UDCA-D4
    3. GCDCA
    4. GCDCA-D4
    5. CA
    6. CA-D4
    7. GDCA
    8. GDCA-D4
    1. TDCA
    2. TDCA-D4
    3. CDCA
    4. CDCA-D4
    5. DCA
    6. DCA-D4
    7. LCA
    8. LCA-D4

  • Zebron ZB-FAME

    Optimized selectivity compliant with AOAC, AOCS, and IOC methods for FAMEs runs as short as 11 minutes.

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    Spotlight:Olive Oil (App ID 23859)

    Featured Analytes

    1. 1 C11:0 (I.S.)
    2. C16:0
    3. C16:1 cis 9
    4. C18:0
    5. C18:1 cis 9
    1. C18:2 cis 9,12
    2. C18:3 cis 9,12,15
    3. C20:0
    4. C20:1 cis 11

  • Kinetex F5 5µm

    Highly reproducible 5µm core-shell pentafluorophenyl (PFP) phase that offers a unique combination of polar, hydrophobic, aromatic and shape selectivity.

    Learn More About Kinetex F5 »

    Spotlight:Organic Acids (App ID 23367)

    Featured Analytes

    1. Tartaric acid
    2. Shikimic acid
    3. Malic acid
    4. Lactic acid
    1. Acetic acid
    2. Citric acid
    3. Succinic acid

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    Find answers to popular method development, troubleshooting, and application questions on our FAQ portal. Easily search by industry, technique, or by keyword.

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