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Our partners and affiliates that are offering testing kits and reagents for COVID-19 research

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  • Is Phenomenex still open and operating?
    Yes, Phenomenex is open for business. Orders are currently being taken, and separation products are being manufactured and shipped to customers all over the world.
  • With government mandated "shelter in place", is it possible Phenomenex might close in the near future?
    Under the state of California and Los Angeles County mandated orders, Phenomenex is considered an essential business, allowing Phenomenex to continue its critical business operations.
  • Can I still contact my Phenomenex technical representative?
    Yes, while management has set up most of our technical representatives to work remotely, they are still available during business hours. When inputting the desired technical representative’s extension number, after calling into Phenomenex, you will most likely be forwarded to the representative’s remote phone. If you do not know your party’s extension, you will be asked to dial 0, and someone will answer as quickly as possible.
  • How can I currently order Phenomenex products?
    Since Phenomenex is able to stay fully operational, products are able to be ordered the same as always. Representatives are available globally during business hours, and local phone numbers, emails, and fax numbers are still operating. For countries where Phenomenex sells directly, one can also order online on the web. Have problems knowing the right part number to order? Contact one of our technical specialists through our nearly instant online chat service, Chat now to obtain technical advice, quotes, product availability as well as place orders.
  • What if my lab is shut down or my receiving department is shut down?
    Phenomenex can only ship to addresses that are able to receive products. If your lab or receiving department has been shut down or cannot receive upcoming orders, please contact your local Phenomenex representative to make alternate shipping arrangements.
  • Can I order Phenomenex products if I have never ordered Phenomenex products before?
    Of course! All products listed on our website are available to all customers, existing or new. .
  • What is the country of origin of Phenomenex products?
    Phenomenex sells numerous products, including many distributed from suppliers all over the world. However, a majority of Phenomenex-branded products are manufactured in the United States at either our Torrance, CA, El Dorado Hills, CA, or Golden, CO manufacturing site locations. If you have a specific question about Phenomenex products, please contact your local Phenomenex representative for additional information.
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Phenomenex's mission of supplying customers with the highest quality products in separation science has never been more important than today, during the Coronavirus 2019 ("Covid-19") outbreak. With this mission in mind, we would like to assure you that Phenomenex is doing everything we can to maintain supply of products and services during this unprecedented time.

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