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What Scientists are Saying


I was very glad to receive all six ZB-WAX columns overnight. It was nice to know that even if we order columns at 5:00 pm (Eastern Time), you can deliver them overnight! How simple to order!
— Analytical Chemist, Industrial Chemical Company

The chromatography quality and performance are excellent. Column bleed is minimal at 320 °C. Peak quality remains good for 5 to 6 months averaging 40 injections in a 24 hour period, 6 to 7 days per week.
— Kevin Walkup, Specialized Assays, Inc., USA

The Zebron ZB-5 column has proven to be a winner. It produces high resolution chromatography in a very reliable manner. Guaranteed quality at an affordable price, you can't go wrong.
— Carl Adix, BASF Corporation, USA

I analyze phenolics by GC/MS. After each run with [Agilent] J&W's DB-5 I had to clean the injector and replace the gold seal and inlet line and trim 4 to 5 feet of column. After most runs with Zebron, I could get away with just changing the inlet and not having to clean or trim the column. The separation was the same, but the Zebron lasted about 4 to 5 times longer, which for means means saving at least $5,000 a year.
— Sam Sabella, BASF Corporation, USA