Celebrating 20 Years of Extraction Excellence

From streamlined reliable clean-up to reproducible large volume processing Strata and Strata-X have been revolutionizing sample preparation for the past few decades. So get ready to celebrate and learn about some of our biggest SPE milestones. Get excited because we have even more amazing things to come!

…we are very pleased with the performance of the these products.Because we perform sample clean up using these SPE cartridges, we haven't seen any increase in the frequency of LC-MS instrument repair due to excipients in oral fluid collection buffer that could have otherwise caused instrument/method performance loss.

S. Bandaru
ClinSync Clinical Research Pvt Limited
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In early 2000, labs across the world are introduced to Strata SPE silica-based reversed phase, normal phase,and ion exchange sorbents packed in a tube format. Designed to provide reliable and clean extracts with high recoveries for target analytes across all sample matrices. Since then Strata silica-based sorbents have come a long away from being only packed into a tube and now are available in a variety of formats to meet all of your sample needs.

Format Recommended Use
1, 3, 6 mL Tubes For standard sample matrices
96-Well Plates High-throughput samples
12, 20, 60 mL Giga Tubes Large volume samples
On-line Cartridges Efficient clean-up in line with LC analysis
Diatomaceous Earth Alternative to SLE


Developing your method just got even easier! Our SPE method development tool was available on a CD for labs looking to develop their clean-up techniques the fast way!

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At the start of the new year, Strata-X, a polymeric SPE product was launched for reversed phase applications, and the labs all around the world toasted to high recoveries, increased sensitivity, and cleaner samples. Shortly after that the Strata-X family saw a number of additions

Year Phase Description
2002 Strata-X-C Polymeric mixed-mode strong cation-exchange sorbent
2004 Strata-X-CW Polymeric mixed-mode weak cation-exchange sorbent
2004 Strata-X-AW Polymeric mixed-mode weak anion-exchange sorbent
2007 Strata-XL Wide pore particle for large volume or extremely viscous samples
2011 Strata-X-A Polymeric mixed-mode strong anion-exchange sorbent
2015 Strata-X Microelution 96-Well Plates High-throughput analysis for extremely small volume samples
2019 Strata-X PRO High recoveries with a 40% reduction in SPE protocol time!