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Chemical Industry LC & GC Separation Solutions Guide
This chemical industry solutions guide covers applications for petroleum oils, low pH conditions, and more.

Lux i-Amylose-3 Screening Application Notebook
This chiral screening application notebook covers reversed phase, normal phase, polar organic and polar ionic examples.

Environmental Applications Guide
LC-MS/MS Applications for PPCPs, Marine Toxins, Herbicides, Pesticides and many more

PFAS Testing Guide
PPerfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Testing Guide

Drugs and Metabolism Guide
Maximize UHPLC, HPLC, and Prep LC separations for drugs and metabolites

Tips to Improving UHPLC Column Selectivity
Optimize UHPLC column selectivity and performance

The Complete Guide to HPLC/UHPLC Reversed Phase Selectivity
Maximize reversed phase HPLC/UHPLC column selectivity and retention under any mobile phase.

Cannabis Testing Guide
Complete solutions for cannabis testing by LC, GC, and Sample Prep.

6 Reasons UHPLC Guide
Improve your current UHPLC analysis.

Clinical Sample Preparation Guide
Outlines successful sample prep strategies for clinical research.

Environmental Sample Preparation Guide
Describes successful sample prep strategies for environmental analysis.

Bioanalytical Sample Preparation Guide
Describes successful sample prep strategies in DMPK, PK, ADME TOX environments.

Food Testing Sample Preparation Guide
Contains successful sample prep strategies for food testing.

Food Testing Application Guide
Over 150 of the latest applications using Sample Preparation, LC, LC/MS, GC, and GC/MS.

Solid Phase Extraction Users Guide
50 pages of information on the best practices and principles for fast and accurate solid phase extraction.

Phenomenex Product Guide
The complete catalog of Phenomenex products.

HPLC Trouble- shooting Guide
Tips and tricks for troubleshooting HPLC columns and systems.

Core-shell Technology Guide
Learn how to maximize HPLC, UHPLC and Prep LC separations with the core-shell technology HPLC guide.

11 HPLC Myths Uncovered
Challenges the theories surrounding HPLC method development.

GC Troubleshooting Guide
Tips and tricks for troubleshooting GC columns and systems.

GC Pesticides Selection Guide
Tips for proper GC column selection for pesticide analysis.

Complete Pesticides Selection Guide
Comprehensive GC solutions for pesticide analysis.

Environmental EDGE Newsletter
Read article on the latest environmental applications.

Forensic Toxicology Application Guide
Over 60 pages of the latest forensic toxicology applications using Sample Preparation, LC, LC/MS, GC, and GC/MS.

Sample Preparation Selection Guide
Includes methods, protocols, and sample type recommendations to assist you in selecting and using the most appropriate sample preparation technique.

BioSeparations Handbook
Includes methods, protocols, and sample type recommendations to assist you in selecting and using the most appropriate sample preparation technique.

ZQ Magazine
From method development to applications ZQ magazine contains GC Essentials for the In-the-Know Chromatographer.

Lux Chiral HPLC Primer
Overview of coated and immobilized polysaccharides chiral stationary phases.

Chiral HPLC Column Selection Guide
Learn to simplify your chiral HPLC method development in 3 simple steps.

Preparative Separations Guide
Learn to improve your preparative LC separations .

Carbohydrates and Organic Acids Primer
Tips and tricks for mastering carbohydrate separations by LC.

Dietary Supplement Guide
Access over 30 pages and 25 + applications of improved methods in Dietary Supplements testing.

GPC Users Guide
Learn to maximize resolution for GPC analysis.

Clinical Application Guide Vol 2
Access over 100 pages of clinical research applications for sample prep, LC, and GC.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Guide
Easily achieve higher throughput, sensitivity, resolution, and robustness for your bioanalytical/DMPK assays.

USP/EP Guide
Improve your European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and United States (USP) monographs.

Formulation Guide
Provide tips and tricks for achieving better analysis for excipients, sweeteners, solubilizers, fillers, coatings and more.

Purify Newsletter
The Prep and Process newsletter providing you with articles, technical tips, news, and resources to address the ever-changing needs of chemists worldwide.

Dish Food eNewsletter
Serving up the latest information on chromatography for the food industry.

HPLC/UHPLC Selection Chart
Specifically designed for successful and reproducible method development and transfer.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Method Optimization Poster
Quick reference for optimizing sample sensitivity for GC and HPLC Column analysis.

rOQ QuEChERS Selection Poster
Select your roQ QuEChERS kit in under a minute.

Core-shell HPLC UHPLC Method Development Poster
Quick tips for obtaining better resolution and higher efficiency on any LC system.

GC Selection Poster
Find the right GC column phase, length, and film thickness for your method with the GC selection poster.

GPC Method Development Poster
The ultimate GPC reference guide for optimal column selection, reducing solvent consumption and injection volume.

Chiral LC Method Development Poster
Develop fast and accurate chiral methods easily with the the chiral LC method development wall poster.