Faster, Easier and More Reliable

than Liquid-Liquid Extraction.

Novum SLE Information

Simplify Your Liquid-Liquid Extractions

Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending) products are a FASTER, EASIER, and MORE RELIABLE way to perform liquid-liquid extractions.  In 3 easy steps and less than 15 minutes, you can remove unwanted interferences such as salts, proteins, phospholipids and more from a variety of samples without performing extensive method development. Available in several capacities, Novum SLE is an excellent cleanup solution for a wide range of samples including biological, food, personal care products, and more.

As the first synthetic SLE product on the market, Novum provides consistent, reliable results from lot-to-lot which is sometimes difficult to do when using a natural product such as traditional diatomaceous earth SLE.

Get Down to the Lowest Extraction Levels with Novum PRO SLE

Offers the same reliable synthetic sorbent as Novum with additional clean
manufacturing steps to reach low levels of detection for sensitive MS applications,
with the same quality reproducibility for high-throughput samples.
• Specific manufacture capabilities to improve matrix factor response and reduce
noisy baselines for low level testing of biological samples
• API 6500+ fit for purpose testing to ensure clean baseline with each batch
• Available in both MINI and MAX 96-well plate formats for high-throughput

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A Variety of Formats to Fit Your Sample Requirements

SLE Tubes

  Novum SLE tube 1cc Novum SLE tube 3cc Novum SLE tube 6cc Novum SLE tube 12cc
Novum SLE Tube 1cc 3cc 6cc 12cc
Maximum Sample Volume
(before dilution)
100µL 200µL 500µL 1mL
Recommended Elution Volume 1.2mL 1.8mL 5mL 10mL

96 Well Plates

  Novum SlE Well Plates 150 Novum SlE Well plates 200
Novum SLE 96-Well Plates MIN MAX
Maximum Sample Volume
(before dilution)
150µL 200µL
Recommended Elution Volume 1mL 1.8mL

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