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Increase Lab Safety with HPLC/UHPLC Solvent Protection SecurityCAPSNEW

Security Cap Solvent Mobile Phase Caps from Phenomenex

 Redefine Safety and Performance

Solvent Waste Protection

SecurityCAP solvent waste caps and exhaust filters ensure lab air quality. Feel confident that volatile vapors from solvent waste containers are being captured safely, beyond fume cupboards or hoods.



Safer Laboratory Work Environment

Harmful chemical vapors are safely collected and provide air quality protection


Large Capacity Waste Safety Filter

High surface area (560 m²/g) multi-compound adsorbent


Easy to Use

No more twisting tubes during bottle exchange


Mobile Phase Safety Filter and Cap

The SecurityCAP mobile phase safety filters have an integrated one-way valve and filter membrane that captures dust, particulates, and other air borne contaminants. This prevents unwanted items from entering the solvent container which can cause irreproducible HPLC/UHPLC results, solvent contamination, bacterial growth and ghost peaks, all of which could negatively impact both your chromatography and HPLC/UHPLC system.

  • 1
  • Block hazardous vapors and protect from evaporating solvents
SecurityCAP Step One
  • 2
  • Captures dust, dirt and other contaminants before they can enter your solvent.
SecurityCAP Step Two

Ensure Product Quality with One Click

Mobile Phase Safety Filters and Exhaust Filters are constantly exposed to hazardous chemicals, dust, and other contaminants. With just a push of a button SecurityCAP Timestrip® change indicator let's you know when it's time to change your filters.

SecurityCAP Time Change Feature - Adhere to Filter

Adhere to Filter

SecurityCAP Time Change Feature - Activate


SecurityCAP Time Change Feature - In Use

In Use

SecurityCAP Time Change Feature - Reorder


Quality you can Trust!

Timestrip’s patent protected technology has no moving parts, requires no power source and is accurate to within a few hours. Product produced under ISO9001:2008.


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