Scale Up Calculators

Preparative HPLC Scale Up Calculator

Column Analytical Column Prep Column
Particle size (µm) 5 5
Length (mm) 0
Diameter (mm)
Column Volume (empty) (mL) 0 0
Equilibration time (min) 0 0
Weight of packing mat (g)* 0 0
Scaling Factor 0
Flow rate (mL/min) 0
Sample Amt (mg) 0
Injection volume (µL) 0
  • Back pressure stays constant if column length stays constant
  • Back pressure will increase with decrease in particle size
  • Efficiency will increase with decrease in particle size
  • With scale up change in hardware and flow cell may be required
* 0.6 g/mL was used

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*Please note all calculations are approximations only. Several factors influence loading capacity of columns. For example:α , solubility, RT, surface area of material, sample type, instrument, etc.