Per-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from Butter using roQ™ QuEChERS and Strata-X-AW Solid Phase Extraction by LC-MS/MS

Previous analysis has centered around quantitation in drinking water and environmental samples. Presented is a validated two-step extraction procedure of 23 PFAS analytes from butter, making use of QuEChERS followed by Solid Phase Extraction and analyzed by LCMS/MS. The high resolution and unique mixed-mode selectivity of a Luna® Omega 1.6 μm PS C18 LC column results in excellent chromatography in a very short 4 minute run. In addition, further analysis of milk, eggs, and fish tissue were also validated using the method
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Technical Notes
Environmental Food & Beverage
HPLC / UHPLC Sample Prep
Strata-X roQ QuEChERS Luna
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