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The Kinetex column has worked great for our validated assays. We easily converted our HPLC methods to UPLC methods using the Kinetex column and have enjoyed being able to run fast UPLC chromatography...
– Amgen

Simple, efficient, and amazing resolution! Implementation of the Kinetex columns has allowed me to significantly increase production time while reducing solvent usage nearly tenfold. Converting our traditional 1100 and 1200 Agilent LC's was simplistic and required minimal changes. My best investment to date!” – Bold Formulators “Kinetex technology is my first option for any screening. The improvements obtained are amazing, from 105 min run to a 25 min and counting...
– Fresenius Kabi USA

I have used Kinetex C18 for quite a while... It's my first choice now.
– Covance

The Kinetex columns provided excellent peak resolution and separation for our sample analysis work. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering this new column technology. Thank you.
– Clinitox Diagnostix, Inc.

I really love the Kinetex columns. I now have shorter HPLC method runs and nice peak resolution. Methods that used to take 30 to 40 minutes on other columns now take 15−20 minutes. I'm enjoying the fact that my samples are analyzed more quickly without compromising the quality of the peaks in the chromatograms.
– Glycos Biotechnologies

The Kinetex C18 that I purchased was very easy to put into service. I was able to use my normal separations methods with no modifications required. I was able to shorten my run times by half in most cases. This will help in saving on supply costs for solvents.
– SF Analytical Labs

We have found the Kinetex column to have very efficient separation, with good peak shape and to be very tolerant to the pH of the mobile phase. The Kinetex Column shows very good reproducibility and can handle a high number of injections. Thank you, Phenomenex, for having such a great product on the market.
– DiTEBA Research Laboratories

We have drastically improved sensitivity, reproducibility, and lifetime on our column after switching to the Kinetex technology.
– University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

I found that the Kinetex column 2.6 u XB-C18, 100A, 100 mm x 4.60 mm I.D. was very effective for separating a mixture of three closelyrelated very polar compounds (polysulfonated pyrenes). In fact, the separation was accomplished in less than 2 minutes using a conventional HPLC instrument (not a UHPLC) [J. Chromatography A, 1218 (2011)8249-8254].
– U.S. Food and Drug Administration

These columns have been performing consistently good in behavior. We have used them in many assays in HPLC and UPLC environment. Can recommend to any.
– BASi

Excellent long life columns. These columns provide reproducible results even after sitting on the self for months. The packing works great at higher pressures which is nice if you are a high pressure and flow LC'er.
– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

My experience with the Kinetex columns has been excellent. Great resolution and repeatability.
– Department of Toxic Substances Control

Kinetex columns give us excellent separation of small molecules from alkaloids to peptides in both HPLC and UPLC modes.
– Florida International University

Our Kinetex column has done wonders for analysis of samples extracted from biological fluids. Method development has been quick and easy, and the column precision over a large sample number has been excellent.
– University of Minnesota

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