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Develop an SPE method. Find the right HPLC column and guard system or the perfect vials and syringe filters for your application. Optimize your HPLC methods in minutes with our easy to use interactive tools, developed by scientists for scientists. So take a minute and try our tools for your chromatography methods. They are designed to help you do what you need to do faster so you can do the things that matter most, like walking your dog and spending time with your family.

Application Structure Search Web Tool

Application Structure Search»

Know the structure of your analyte? Then start here. Immediately find key HPLC, GC, and Sample Prep applications for small molecules and biomolecules by drawing the structure or the functional groups of the analyte.

Application Name Search Web Tool

Application Name Search»

Know the name of your analyte? Then start here. Immediately find key HPLC, GC, and Sample Prep applications for small molecules and biomolecules by entering the name or the synonym of the analyte

GC Web Tool

GC Column Finder Web Tool»

GC column selection, simplified! Choose from 5 easy ways to quickly find a Zebron column for your method in minutes

Vial Selection Web Tool

Vial Finder»

Easily find the right vial or vial kit for your sample collection needs. Whether you are looking for an amber vial, crimp-top vial, autosampler vial, or headspace vial. You will be sure to find it with the Vial Finder tool.

Syringe Filter Finder Web Tool

Syringe Filter Finder»

3-step tool designed to help you find the appropriate syringe filter to help you successfully remove particulates from your sample matrix.

SPE Web Tool

SPE Method Development Tool»

Develop SPE methods for sample cleanup and concentration in under a minute.

SPE Web Tool

Prep Calculator Web Tool»

Quickly and easily scale-up your analytical column to larger preparative column (diameters up to 50mm ID) or dynamic axial compression (DAC) (diameters up to 1000mm) dimensions.

HPLC Column Selection Web Tool

HPLC Column Match»

Find the right Reversed Phase HPLC/UHPLC column for your method. Select columns by application, compound, USP classification, and more.

GC Web Tool

GC Liner Finder Web Tool»

Find the right GC inlet liner for your GC column. Quickly search by part number, application, injection mode, or system manufacturer.

Kinetex Calculator

Core-shell 2.6µm Calculator»

Preview the advantages you can expect to gain by using core-shell technology columns. Receive estimated increases in efficiency and resolution, adjust flow rate and backpressure to desired conditions, and see how much cost savings you can bring to your lab.

Kinetex  5 um Calculator

Core-shell 5µm Calculator»

Demonstrates how replacing 5 µm fully porous columns with 5 µm core-shell HPLC technology can deliver better chromatography, higher productivity, and cost savings.

SecurityGuard Selection Tool

SecurityGuard Selection Tool»

Immediately find the right universal guard column for your analytical or preparative column. SecurityGuard Universal Guard Cartridge system is guaranteed to extend your column lifetime

GPC Solvent Selection Tool

GPC Solvent Savings Calculator»

Quickly calculate the solvent savings and cost savings you can achieve with your GPC polymer analysis. By using narrow bore (4.6 mm ID) GPC columns, you can lower the consumption of environmentally critical or toxic solvents and dramatically reduce your overall purchase and disposal costs of these solvents