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Kinetex Core-Shell Columns

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Kinetex 2.6 µm Calculator

Enter your current system, column, and method details below. The Kinetex 2.6 µm Calculator will use this information to determine the best Kinetex column for you along with increases in efficiency, resolution, and productivity. You will also see the potential cost savings by switching your method to Kinetex.

Current System

System Manufacturer

System Model

System Data

Max allowable flow rate

Max allowable pressure

Current Column  From list Manual input

Column supplier

Column brand

Column phase

Column length (mm)

Column ID (mm)

Particle size (µm)

Current Method Information

Efficiency (plates/column)
Maximum efficiency: 100000

Resolution of critical pair
Maximum resolution: 50

Observed backpressure ( Bar or PSI )

Total run time (minutes)
Example: 23.05

Mode of Operation  isocratic gradient

Flow rate (mL/min)
Maximum flow rate:

Injection volume (µL)
Maximum injection volume: 100